Get Your Engines Ready For The Volkswagen Golf R

December 7th, 2021 by

When it comes to cars, you need one that can perfectly merge comfort and power. Such a car is finally here with the announcement of the 2022 new Volkswagen Golf R. Volkswagen has long had a reputation for reliable cars that maintain their prime features years down the line, and the Golf R is the latest entry in this category.

The Volkswagen Golf R is being called the most powerful Golf R ever, so there is a lot to look forward to! This car is not meant to be subtle but stand out from the crowd. Let’s dive into some of the best features of the new Volkswagen Golf R.

A Powerful Engine and Performance

Let’s get right into the interesting part: the power! This model has a turbocharged front-engine with 315 horsepower 295 lb-ft torque, making it capable of fast speeds and smooth handling. This pairs exceptionally well with the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. It certainly promises the ability to make a splash!

This car has selectable Drive modes, including Comfort, Sport, Race, Special, Drift, and Individual. The automatic dual-clutch transmission is highly reactive, and this combined with the engine capabilities and Drive modes give you a car that can perform in most any setting. Whether you want to go fast or drive easy, this car can get you there.

A Comfortable Interior

The inner cabin design of the Volkswagen Golf R has a sporty aesthetic, embraced more heavily than in previous models. The front seats are bound in comfortable leather for a chic look that does not compromise comfort. The dashboard and trim have a carbon feel, which along with the blue accents make a highly aesthetically pleasing design.

The interior also offers lighting for ambience that comes in a variety of different colors. The backseat is similarly comfortable and sleek, making the entire interior a place to relax or simply marvel at the decor. As if that wasn’t enough, the cargo and storage have plenty of space to offer.

Driver-Assistance Features

Modern day cars have more driver assistance technology than ever, and the newest Volkswagen Golf R is no exception. Many of these features are meant to compensate for driver error, including monitoring of your blind spots and automatic emergency braking. The car can also alert you to rear traffic, and offers Lane, Emergency, and Front assists.

In addition to these new features, the classic connections are still available. There is a touchscreen in the dashboard and charging ports, as well as Bluetooth and the ability to connect your apps and phone to the car. The semi-autonomous driving mode and adaptive cruise control that has proven so popular with drivers is also available.

Don’t Hesitate to Start Your Journey!

As you can see, the newest Volkswagen Golf R has so much to offer. It presents all the speed and smooth handling you’re craving, combined with the safety features that you need. Don’t be afraid to head out and look into getting one of your very own. Call City Volkswagen of Evanston today to schedule a test drive.