Rule the Road in the Volkswagen ID.4

May 10th, 2022 by

Electric vehicles are the future, and the Volkswagen ID.4 is taking the future by storm. With clean lines and an aerodynamic build, you won’t feel like you’re driving a car; you’ll feel like you’re driving a spaceship of the road. Packed with enough power to take you anywhere you want to go, the ID.4 is being reserved fast. Starting at $41,230 MSRP, this vehicle is affordable and built to last. It’s a car you can trust to move through today with, taking you and your family into the future of electric vehicles.

Stunning Design

There’s a reason the ID.4 was voted one of “Wards 10 Best User Experiences,” actually, there are multiple reasons. The comfort-friendly design is bold, eye-catching, and memorable, while still being simple, clean, and welcoming to the driver and passengers. Volkswagen calls the ID.4 “the ideal marriage of high design and comfort” because of its massaging leather seats, roomy interior, and revolutionary L.E.D. lighting system.

Because there is no clunky combustion engine, the passengers reap the rewards of more space. With the roomiest cabin you could ask for and a large cargo space, the ID.4 is ready for any adventure.

Stealthy Power

Sitting at an estimated range of 280 miles, the ID.4 is ready for your next big trip. The electric motors at the front and the back mean that you have all-wheel-drive capabilities at your fingertips, without a second thought. Sometimes, when people think of electric vehicles, they immediately think, “boring!” but that’s not the case with the ID.4. The quiet electric engines are best for revving up quickly, providing you the get-up and go that’s non-negotiable.

Next-Level Technology

The ID.4 is built to fit into your life and your mannerisms. The technology stacked inside will blow your mind with how easy, intuitive, and effective it all is. There is a light bar on the dash that will show visual and auditory cues to notify you of incoming calls, brake warnings, and charge status, among other things. As soon as you’re sitting in the driver’s seat with the key in your pocket, the ID.4 will start up. Of course, it’s equipped with the classics like a 12” touchscreen and an entertainment system that’s perfect for those car tunes.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Racking up multiple awards, the ID.4 is also recognized for its safety features. Listed as an IIHS “2022 Top Safety Pick,” this vehicle simultaneously offers thrill and peace of mind. It’s connected 24-hours to roadside assistance and uses the “My VW” application to schedule maintenance appointments and get notified about charging stations when a charge is needed.

Reserve Yours Today!

With the ID.4 reservation system, you can have your dream car in your driveway as soon as it’s ready. Simply select the features you’re looking for, reserve, and get your financing ready. If you still have more questions, give our team a call at City Volkswagen of Evanston or stop by our showroom to find out more!